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Storming the Eagle’s Nest: Hitler’s War in the Alps

Monday 24 March 2014

1 Hour


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Award-winning biographer Jim Ring tells the little-known story of war in the Alps during World War II. Hitler built his Alpine headquarters, the Eagle’s Nest, in the Bavarian Alps, from where he conceived and directed the war. Ski resorts were turned into training grounds for mountain warfare and concentration camps were opened in Alpine valleys. The Alps were also home to British spies and resistance fighters and witnessed deeds of great courage. Ring explains how the Alps resisted the Nazis and how the allies and the Red Army raced each other to find Hitler’s Alpine retreat.

Ring is also author of Erskine Childers, winner of the Marsh Prize for biography, and of How the English Made the Alps. His story of Cold War submariners, We Come Unseen, won the Mountbatten Prize.