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Cruel Crossing: Escaping Hitler Across the Pyrenees

Thursday 27 March 2014

1 Hour


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£11 - £25

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Well-known BBC radio and television news presenter Edward Stourton tells the moving and often shocking story of the men, women and children who made their wartime escape from Hitler via the treacherous paths of the Pyrenees into Spain. Stourton draws on interviews with the few remaining survivors to tell stories of midnight scrambles across rooftops, drops from speeding trains, burning Lancasters, doomed love affairs, murders and amazing heroism. The treacherous mountain paths were a challenge even for the very fit. Many who crossed from France into Spain via the mountains arrived malnourished and exhausted; some did not arrive at all.

Stourton has written and presented many high-profile news and current affairs programmes for radio and television. He is a regular presenter on Radio 4 programmes, The World at One, The World This Weekend, Sunday and Analysis. He was a main presenter of the Radio 4 flagship Today Programme for ten years and is author of six books.

Here he talks to journalist and author Paul Blezard