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Great Britain’s Great War

Thursday 27 March 2014

1 Hour


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£15 - £50

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One of Britain’s best-known broadcasters Jeremy Paxman explains what life was really like for the British during World War I.  The Newsnight presenter brings to life the experiences of people during the whole war, whether politicians, soldiers, journalists, nurses, factory workers, wives or children. Traditional images reinforce the view that the war was a pointless waste of life, so why did the nation fight so willingly and endure suffering for so long? Paxman uses a wealth of first-hand source material to explain how life and identity in Britain were completely transformed by the experience, often for the better.

Paxman is an award-winning journalist best known as the presenter of BBC 2’s Newsnight and for his combative interviewing style. He is author of seven non-fiction books including The English, The Political Animal and Empire, and presenter of University Challenge.

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