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Horace: Helping us to Live and Wine-Tasting

Thursday 27 March 2014

1 Hour


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The Roman poet Horace was a lover of good wine and gave us such sayings as ‘Now we must drink’ and ‘carpe diem – sieze the day’. Journalist Harry Eyres, creator of the Slow Lane column in the Financial Times, has written a book, Horace and Me, which sets out to show how the poet still has much to teach us about dealing with life today. He explains how Horace can help us navigate through difficult times and offers some wine to taste along the way. Rome was facing a profound crisis in Horace’s day and, while efficiency and pragmatism were its watchwords, Horace championed poetry, friendship and wine.

Eyres has worked as a wine writer, theatre critic and poetry editor. His Slow Lane column in the Financial Times encourages enjoyment of the profound and free pleasures and values that make life worth living.