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Stories of the Blues

Thursday 27 March 2014

1 Hour


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Words and Music with David Freeman

Award-winning and world-renowned Blues singer-songwriter Eric Bibb tells some of his favourite stories to broadcaster David Freeman and performs the songs they have inspired. Bibb’s career spans four decades and includes 35 albums, countless radio and television shows and non-stop touring. His noted albums include the   Grammy-nominated children’s album Shakin’ a Tailfeather; Friends; two collaborations with his father, Leon Gibb, A Family Affair and Praising Peace: A Tribute to Paul Robeson; and, more recently, Booker’s Guitar.

Bibb is an American-born acoustic blues singer-songwriter, currently living in Finland. His first big break was with the album Good Stuff, released in 1997, and he has since gone on to build an international reputation.