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Orson Welles and Chimes at Midnight

Friday 8 April 2016

Half Day


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Producer Frederick Muller talks about his work with Orson Welles on one of his best-known films, Chimes at Midnight, followed by a showing of the movie.

Muller worked as film editor on two of Welles’s movies, Chimes at Midnight and The Trial. He explains what it was like to work with Welles, how their relationship got off on a stormy footing before settling down, and how Welles would never consider a film finished.

Discussions will be followed by a full screening of Chimes at Midnight. The 1966 film is considered one of Welles’s masterpieces. He directed it and starred in it as Sir John Falstaff. The plot centres on Shakespeare’s recurring character of Falstaff and his father-son relationship with Prince Hal. Welles said the core theme of the film was the betrayal of friendship.

Muller is owner of Eldorado Films. He has worked on many famous films including Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now, set in Venice, and Franco Zefferelli’s semi-autobiographical Tea with Mussolini. Here he talks to writer and journalist Paul Blezard.

This event lasts three hours.

Programme of Italian literature and culture.