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Spit and Polish

Friday 8 April 2016

1 Hour


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Writer Lucy Lethbridge explains the old skills and tricks used to keep a house clean and says we can still learn something from the best and simplest of them.

In Spit and Polish, Lethbridge goes back to the 19th-century home when it required an army of servants to keep a big house clean and tidy. She says the way we keep our homes looking good may have changed, but there is much to be gained by going back to the old techniques and skills and embracing them. She looks at how to get rid of water marks or heat rings on polished wood, the anti-bacterial qualities of vinegar, use of lemon juice to clear limescale and provides a bit of social history along the way.

Lethbridge is author of a number of children’s books including Blue Peter non-fiction award-winner, Who was Linda Lovelace? Her adult work of social history Servants: A Downstairs View of Twentieth-century Britain was widely praised. She reviews books for FT Weekend.