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The Other Language

Friday 8 April 2016

1 Hour


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Acclaimed Italian novelist and Oscar-nominated script writer Francesca Marciano talks about her new collection of short stories The Other Language.

The stories range from Venetian film festivals to islands off Tanzania and a classical dance community in southern India. Themes include love, betrayal, politics, travel and the awakenings of childhood. All the stories feature characters taking risks, confronting their fears and stepping outside their boundaries, and they are set in places Marciano has lived including New York, India, Kenya and southern Italy.

Marciano, who writes her novels in English, has completed three novels, Rules of the Wild, Casa Rossa and The End of Manners. She is also a screenwriter, who writes her scripts in Italian, including of the Oscar-nominated Don’t Tell and of Bernardo Bertolucci’s Me and You.

Here she talks to Professor Martin McLaughlin, Agnelli-Serena Professor of Italian Studies and fellow of Magdalen College.

Presented by the Italian Cultural Institute.

Programme of Italian literature and culture.