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Adventures in Puzzleland SOLD OUT

Sunday 2 April 2017

1 Hour


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Popular mathematician and puzzler Alex Bellos tells the story of the puzzle and looks at some of the world’s best brainteasers.

Bellos looks at puzzles of the last 2,000 years ranging from ancient China to medieval Europe, Victorian England and modern-day Japan. He shows how some solutions rely on cunning, while others need mercilessly logical thought or a touch of creativity. And there are some puzzles that can only be solved by two per cent of the population.

Bellos studied mathematics and philosophy at the University of Oxford. He is author of the bestselling books Alex’s Adventures in Numberland and Alex Through the Looking-glass. He writes a maths blog and a puzzle blog for The Guardian.

This event is presented by Corpus Christi College as part of its 500th anniversary celebrations.