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Another Day in the Death of America SOLD OUT

Sunday 2 April 2017

1 Hour


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Award-winning journalist Gary Younge highlights the impact of gun crime on children in the US by telling the story of an average day that saw 10 children shot dead.

Younge picked at random Saturday, November 23, 2013 and set out to tell the stories of the children shot dead on that day. They were aged between nine and 19 and died in suburbs, hamlets and ghettos. None of their stories made the national news. Together they make a powerful and sobering portrait of youth and guns in contemporary America where, on average, seven children and teenagers are killed by guns every day.

Younge is a journalist for the Guardian and The Nation magazine in the US. He spent 12 years as a Guardian correspondent in the US before returning in 2015. His previous books include The Speech, Who Are We?, Stranger in a Strange Land and No Place Like Home.

Here he talks to journalist and LBC radio presenter Matthew Stadlen, a former BBC producer who is a regular interviewer for the Daily Telegraph and has interviewed for the BBC.