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Cartoons and Characters

Sunday 2 April 2017

1 Hour


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Prepare for plenty of laughs, cartoons and comic illustration from two of the best illustrators around, Gary Northfield and Alex Milway.

Characterful creatures are favourite subjects for both artists: Northfield’s Julius Zebra is back with a new mad cap adventure in Bundle with the Britons and Milway’s adventurous pig and his hamster sidekick return in Pigsticks and Harold and the Pirate Treasure. Expect live drawing, lots of comics and plenty of laughs in this lively family event.

Northfield is a well-known illustrator who has worked on the Horrible Histories series and is best known for his Derek the Sheep strip in the Beano. Milway’s work includes the Mousehunter trilogy and the Mythical 9th Division series. He is founder of Crystal Palace Children’s Book Festival.

Age 6 -10 years