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BBC World Service Recording: BBC World Book Club – Imperium SOLD OUT

Sunday 26 March 2017

1 Hour 15 Minutes


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Bestselling author Robert Harris discusses Imperium, the first novel in his gripping Roman trilogy, with presenter Harriett Gilbert, at a recording of BBC World Book Club. Please send in your question to the author about the novel by March 17 to karen.holden@bbc.co.uk.

Harris’s novel takes the reader into the violent, treacherous world of ancient Roman politics and tells how Cicero fights his way to the top.

Harris is author of 10 bestselling novels including Enigma, Pompeii and An Officer and a Spy. They have been translated into 37 languages.

Tickets for this live BBC World Service radio event are free but must be booked through the festival box office. This event will last one hour 15 minutes. It forms part of a special live broadcast from the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival.

And don’t forget, send in your question for Robert Harris now to karen.holden@bbc.co.uk The programme needs your questions in advance.

There will be a standby queue on the day for any unfilled seats at this event.