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Magic and heroes

Sunday 26 March 2017

1 Hour


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Master of the fantasy adventure genre Robin Jarvis and rising star Kieran Larwood talk about their latest stories of derring-do, suspense, danger and magic.

Jarvis takes readers back to Whitby in his brilliant new book, The Power of Dark, filling its streets with witches and worse, and pitching the inhabitants against ancient evil. Meanwhile, in Larwood’s Podkin One Ear, brave rabbits band together to take on the terrifying Gorm.

Jarvis is known for his acclaimed Deptford Mice trilogy and the Whitby Witches. A multi-talented artist, he not only writes some thrilling stories but also illustrates all his own books. He has been shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal and Smarties Award, has won the Lancashire Libraries Children’s Book of the Year Award twice and has a cult following among children.

Larwood’s first book, Freaks, won the Times Chicken House Book Award and Podkin One Ear has just been named winner of the Blue Peter Book Award for Best Story.

Discussions are chaired by Damian Kelleher, a journalist and writer specialising in children’s books.

Age 10+