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Sunday 26 March 2017

1 Hour


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Award-winning broadcaster and top stand-up comic Christian O’Connell introduces the star of his new book in a session that is sure to be laugh-out-loud funny.

Spike, aka Radio Boy, is an Adrian Mole on the radio for the internet generation. He’s your average awkward 11 year old, funny and cheeky and with a mum to reckon with. But when he sets up a makeshift studio in the garden shed, and starts broadcasting as Radio Boy, Spike somehow becomes a star. Could fame and fortune follow, or something more like what he’s used to?

“ . . . the story boasts both heart and hilarity, and should definitely inspire budding broadcasters . . .” The Guardian

O’Connell is host of the biggest breakfast show in commercial radio on Absolute Radio. He is also a stand-up comedian with three critically acclaimed Edinburgh fringe shows to his name, and a presenter of television shows on Sky1 ITV and Channel 5.

Age 8-11