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The Talmud: A Biography

Tuesday 25 March 2014

1 Hour


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Academic, writer and entrepreneur Dr Harry Freedman tells the engrossing story of The Talmud, an ancient scripture that contains over a million words and runs to 35 volumes. The Talmud is a central text of Rabbinic Judaism and covers law, faith, medicine, magic, ethics, sex, humour and prayer. It has been banned and burnt, provided guidance for both monarchists and republicans, inspired artists and poets and been upheld by Protestants and by Popes. Above all, the story of The Talmud provides a fascinating insight into Jewish history.

Freedman is a Jewish scholar who has published a number of books including Encyclopedia of Modern Jewish Culture and Gospels Veiled Agenda. He is a contributor to the Jewish Chronicle, New Law Journal, Jewish Quarterly and the Huffington Post.