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Darling Monster: Lady Diana Cooper’s Letters to her Son SOLD OUT

Wednesday 26 March 2014

1 Hour


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Writer and television presenter Viscount Norwich talks to Paul Blezard about his mother, the aristocrat, society darling and actress of stage and early screen, Lady Diana Cooper. John Julius Norwich is the only son of Lady Diana and the politician Duff Cooper, who became the golden couple of their age.  He has edited and written an introduction to a collection of letters to him from his mother. The letters are a portrait of a dramatic time in history including the Blitz, life in the Far East before Pearl Harbour and post-liberation Paris, and a touching record of a love between a mother and a son separated by war and the constraints of the time they lived in.

Norwich is author of histories of Norman Sicily, Venice, the Byzantine Empire and The Popes. He has written on architecture, music and Shakespeare and presented 30 historical documentaries on television.