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Naked Cinema: Working with Actors

Friday 28 March 2014

1 Hour


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One of Britain’s leading filmmakers, Sally Potter, offers an insight into getting the best out of people, based on her experiences of working with leading actors such as Jude Law and Dame Judi Dench. Potter is the award-winning writer/director of The Goldiggers, Orlando, The Tango Lesson, The Man Who Cried, Yes, Rage, and Ginger and Rosa. She is renowned for her rapport with actors and for the brilliant performances she is able to extract from them.

Here she demonstrates how to work positively with people and extract the best from them. She will use examples from her work with the likes of Dench, Law, Tilda Swinton and Johnny Depp to show how actors and directors work together to drive the energy and creativity that go into making a great film, and how that can be used in other walks of life.