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Through It All I’ve Always Laughed SOLD OUT

Friday 28 March 2014

1 Hour


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Radio and television comedy star Count Arthur Strong talks to broadcaster and writer Paul Blezard about his hilarious autobiography, Through It All I’ve Always Laughed. Count Arthur is a showbusiness legend, after-dinner speaker and leading authority on Ancient Egypt, where he did his national service. The Count will read from his autobiography and take questions from the audience. Confusion and laughter is guaranteed.

Count Arthur, aka Steve Delaney, is the star of Count Arthur’s Radio Show, which opened on Radio 4 to huge critical acclaim in 2005.  The sitcom follows a confused and muddled day in the life of one-time variety star Count Arthur Strong, who has delusions of grandeur, selective memory loss and a tendency to use malapropisms. It won the 2009 Sony Award for Best Radio Comedy. Its success led to the television version, aired on BBC 2 in summer 2013. A second television series has been commissioned for BBC2 in late 2015.