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Our Words

Friday 28 March 2014

1 Hour


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Oxford Brookes University, the Oxford Academy in Littlemore, Oxford, and the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival are running a joint project with year 7 and 8 Academy pupils, coached by three Oxford Brookes MA Creative Writing students: Mary Chesshyre, Beth Grimsdale, and Morgan Feldman. The Brookes students have been voluntarily visiting a group of the Academy children every week since January, to work collaboratively on a writing project. The project comes to an exciting end in two ways: the reading and launch at the festival of a full publication of their writing. This project is in its third year. Of this event in 2013, Jeremy Smith of the Oxford Mail wrote: ‘Both the quality of their writing and the assuredness of their performances made me fear for my job.’

Presented by Oxford Brookes University