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Sleeping with Dogs: A Peripheral Autobiography SOLD OUT

Friday 28 March 2014

1 Hour


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Britain’s most famous and controversial art critic Brian Sewell is also a passionate dog lover. He tells the story of 17 dogs he has known over 80 years of life, many of which were rescued, including from the railings of Kensington Garden, the wilds of Turkey and from animal homes. They range from a Jack Russell to an Alsatian, half-boxer, half-pointer and a whippet with a noble pedigree. All of them were companions who shared Sewell’s bed and rewarded him with loyalty and affection.

Sewell has been art critic of the London Evening Standard since 1984. He is widely known for his outspoken views on conceptual art and the Turner Prize. He studied history of art at the Courtauld Institute under the tutelage of Anthony Blunt, worked at Christie’s as an expert in Old Masters, and has been a consultant to museums and galleries. His television work includes The Naked Pilgrim on a pilgrimage to Santiago, and Dirty Dali: A Private View.