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The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle

Wednesday 26 March 2014

1 Hour


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One of Britain’s best known journalists and broadcasters Kirsty Wark talks to critic, journalist and broadcaster Bidisha.about her debut novel, The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle. As if on a whim, the 95-year-old Elizabeth Pringle bequeaths her Arran island home, Homelea, to a woman she saw pushing a pram down the road 30 years earlier. That young mother, Anna, had pushed a letter through Elizabeth’s letter box asking to buy the home but Elizabeth did not pursue it. Anna, however, is now in a home with dementia and it is her daughter Martha, the baby in the pram, that takes up the inheritance. Martha, an unfulfilled journalist bruised by a bad relationship and struggling to cope with her mother’s illness, discovers that Elizabeth’s legacy and her own future are more connected than she thought.

Wark ia an experienced and award-winning journalist. She presents a variety of BBC programmes including Newsnight and The Review Show. Her own family’s connection to Arran goes back many years.