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The New Sylva: Forest and Orchard Trees for the 21st Century

Wednesday 26 March 2014

1 Hour


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It is 350 years since John Evelyn created the first comprehensive study of British woodland, his landmark work Sylva. Silvologist – forest scientist – Dr Gabriel Hemery and artist Dr Sarah Simblet explain how they have created a contemporary version. Illustrated with Simblet’s breathtaking artwork, The New Sylva examines British woodland today, profiling all the important species of tree that populate our landscape.  Hemery and Simblet discuss the project, its history, and the state of British woodland today – bringing it to life with extraordinary drawings.

Hemery is co-founder and chief executive of the Sylva Foundation and has played a leading role in campaigning to save England’s public forests. Simblet is an artist, writer and broadcaster with an international reputation in the fields of drawing, human anatomy and botany.