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Derek Jarman’s Sketchbooks and a Showing of Glitterbug

Sunday 30 March 2014

2 Hours


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It is 20 years since the death of artist, filmmaker, writer, painter, poet and gay icon Derek Jarman, and 2014 is being marked by a year-long celebration of his work. Ed Webb-Ingall and Stephen Farthing, editors of Derek Jarman’s Sketchbooks, talk to BBC arts correspondent Will Gompertz about the man and his influence. Film producer James Mackay, who collaborated with Jarman on his films from 1981, will then introduce a showing of Jarman’s film Glitterbug.

Webb-Ingall, a film producer, and Farthing, the professor of drawing at the University of the Arts, London, and a member of the Royal Academy of Arts, have collated the best of Jarman’s sketchbooks. They contain poetry, drawings, autobiographical notes and scripts that reveal Jarman’s filmmaking process in greater depth than ever before.

Glitterbug was made for the BBC Arena arts programme and broadcast shortly after Jarman’s death in 1994. It consists of film strips shot by Jarman in Super-8 between 1971 and 1986, offering glimpses into his lifestyle, and set to a score by Brian Eno.

This event lasts two hours