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The Mozart Question Concert

Sunday 30 March 2014

1 Hour 15 Minutes


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£6 - £15

Ticket price

Ages 9+

Michael Morpurgo, former Children’s Laureate and the award-winning author of War Horse and Private Peaceful, presents a special performance of his book, The Mozart Question. Together with actress Alison Reid, violinist Daniel Pioro and a young string quartet he interweaves words and music, bringing to life this haunting tale of survival against the odds, set against the background of the Holocaust.

When Lesley is sent to Venice to interview world-renowned violinist Paulo Levi on his 50th birthday, she cannot believe her luck. She is told that she can ask him anything at all – except the Mozart question. But it is Paulo himself who decides that it is time for the truth to be told. And so follows the story of his parents who, as Jewish prisoners of war, were forced to play Mozart violin concerti for the enemy; how they watched fellow Jews being led off to their deaths and knew that they were playing for their lives.

The Mozart Question explores how something so sublime as Mozart’s music can be used for evil purposes, but with such a light touch that it shirks nothing and yet is supremely suitable for family audiences.

Adapted and directed by Simon Reade.

Sponsored by The Manor Prep School and Walker Books.