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The Reckoning: How the Killing of One Man Changed the Fate of the Promised Land

Sunday 30 March 2014

1 Hour


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Bestselling writer Patrick Bishop talks to the chairman of Liberal Judaism, Lucian Hudson, about his new book on the wartime killing of Avraham Stern, leader of the militant Zionist group, the Stern Gang. Bishop tells the story of Stern and the middle-class Londoner, assistant superintendent Geoffrey Morton, sent to track him down. The spectacular and murderous crimes of the Stern Gang had caused outrage among both British and Jewish groups. Morton cornered Stern in Tel Aviv and shot him dead. The events of that day had a major impact on British rule in Palestine and on the events that shaped the birth of Israel.

Bishop is bestselling author of Fighter Boys, Bomber Boys, 3 Para and Target Tirpitz. He was for many years Middle East correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. Hudson is director of communications at the Open University and a former director of communications and press secretary at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He is a member of the Jewish Leadership Council and, since 2009, has been chairman of the progressive Judaism organisation Liberal Judaism.