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What on Earth? Sport

Sunday 30 March 2014

1 Hour


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Why do people play sport? What on Earth? presenter John Gordon-Reid takes his audience on a quest from the stone ages to the present day, covering a dizzying array of cultures from hunter-gathering cave people to the athletes of London 2012. During the talk, Gordon-Reid invites members of his audience to pick everyday objects out of his multi-coloured coat of 10 pockets to make this a truly interactive, memorable workshop with a giant edition of the What on Earth? Wallbook of Sport as a backdrop.

What on Earth Publishing Ltd, the company behind the What on Earth? Wallbook was founded by Christopher Lloyd. Lloyd’s books include: What on Earth Happened? and What on Earth Evolved? Lloyd’s presentations, featuring his wallbooks and his coat of many pockets, are extremely popular in schools and at literary festivals across the UK.

The talk is free and suitable for children aged over six but are also aimed at adults.