Now rub furiously…

Now this was inspired.
Truly inspired.
Holding a talk entitled Spit and Polish by Lucy Lethbridge in the hallowed chapel of Exeter College - probably one of the most beautiful and jaw-dropping in Oxford.
Certainly this was one destination that is as polished and glistening as Walt Disney could have dreamt up. 
So much so in fact, I gave my shoes a little buff-up before settling down for the talk.
Ms Lethbridge went back to the 19th-century British home when it required an army of servants to keep it clean and tidy (obviously, a big house and not an ordinary two up, two down terrace).
She explained that while the way we keep our homes looking good may have changed, there’s still much to be gained by going back to the old techniques and skills, such as how to get rid of water marks or heat rings on polished wood and how vinegar could save your life (invaluable…).
With a bit of social history thrown in as well - as if to ensure the audience got its money’s worth - it was a cracking way to start Friday at the festival.
Off-beat, funny and astonishingly, very, very practical (check my cutlery afterwards if proof is needed)